Granite Countertops from Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence is largest granite countertops manufacturer, and installer in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The installation process is simple and stress-free.  The entire process takes just a few hours and can be done in less than 5 days from template.  Other manufactures can take weeks, even months. Call Counter Intelligence today at 1-888-384-8832.


Being the largest manufacturer in granite countertops benefits you in many ways. Factory direct pricing is a 40% discount off of granite countertops compared to traditional retail prices, and the choices are unlimited. We have the greatest selection of color and quality, with granite experts walking you through ever step of the way.

Don’t let the tough economic times convince you to get cheap granite, when you can get affordable high quality granite from Counter Intelligence. Granite outlets don’t offer the same high quality granite that our inventory holds. In order to learn more about Counter Intelligence call today at 1-888-384-8832.